Help of the Lawyer in Voronezh Denisova A.V. on inheritance matters

Assistance from a probate lawyer

- oral consultations on the issue of inheritance;

- collection and execution of documents necessary for the adoption of the inheritance;

- claims for the right to inheritance and the division of inheritance;

- section of hereditary property;

- recognition of the will invalid;

- the establishment of facts of legal significance (the fact of acceptance of the inheritance, the fact of kinship);

- extension of the period for acceptance of the inheritance;

- inclusion of property in the estate;

- recognition as an unworthy heir;

- Representation of interests at the notary public when entering into the inheritance, invalidation of the will, questions of the division of the inheritance, representation of interests in negotiations with other heirs;

- representation in courts, including:

    collection of necessary evidence;
    preparation and filing of a statement of claim;
    participation in the preparation of the case for trial;
    participation in the hearing;
    drawing up motivated objections to the statement of claim and other procedural documents;
    drafting and petitioning;
    obtaining a court decision (sentence) and writ of execution;
    preparation and filing of an appeal (cassation, supervisory) complaint;
    participation in the court session in the court of appeal (cassation, supervisory) instance;
    participation in court at all stages of proceedings on inheritance disputes: invalidation of a will,  restoration of the term for entering into an inheritance, division of an inheritance, inclusion of property in the estate;
    participation in the court when recognized as an unworthy heir / heirs.

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